Avoid Childhood Bullying with Otoplasty in Scottsdale

Avoid Childhood Bullying with Otoplasty in Scottsdale

It is hard for parents to just sit back and allow their children to be teased, especially when something can be done to stop it. We all know that kids can be insensitive and ruthless. A child with protruding or enlarged ears is often a target for bullies.

Cosmetic surgery is typically associated with vanity or anti-aging procedures. However, there are many cases where it provides a more practical benefit, even for children. Otoplasty, also known as ear pinning, is performed on adults but is most often carried out on children. It is much easier to reshape a younger person’s ears.

How can otoplasty help my child?

OtoplastyOtoplasty in Scottsdale is used to make the ears stick out less and minimize how prominent they appear. There might be too much middle ear cartilage or the child’s ears might be positioned at an odd angle on the head. If the earlobes are too large or too long a tiny amount of tissue can be removed to reduce the size.

A compassionate and skilled plastic surgeon will re-sculpt your child’s ears to fit his or her facial structure. Dr. Ronald Caniglia and his friendly staff will make your child feel calm and reassured. You both will have a very comforting experience with Caniglia Plastic Surgery.

Can otoplasty correct all ear shape and size abnormalities?

Ears that are cupped, or appear as if the ear is rolling inward, will need a different surgical method. If the problem is an abnormally small size or missing portions, then reconstructive surgery will be necessary to build and reshape the child’s ears.

How old are candidates for otoplasty?

It is recommended that otoplasty is performed on younger children, preferably before school age to avoid taunting and bullying. Candidates for otoplasty are at least six years old with fully developed ears, are in good health, and have realistic expectations. Dr. Caniglia suggests that the child chooses to have otoplasty done and is actively involved in the decision-making process.

How do I know when my child is ready for otoplasty?

Just because their ears may be finished growing and ready for surgery, some kids may not be emotionally ready. It should not be a cosmetic choice make solely by a parent. When facing this decision, consider your child’s level of maturity, and how well he or she fully understands the procedure, and exactly what is about to happen. The child should also be able to follow instructions well.

What is a good time to schedule my child’s procedure?

Downtime will be necessary following surgery. Otoplasty in Scottsdale should be scheduled at a time when your child’s life isn’t so busy. Summer vacations or other school breaks are good times. Keep in mind that your child will have to avoid swimming and outdoor sports during this period.

Dr CanigliaIn Scottsdale, Dr. Caniglia and his comforting staff perform otoplasty on both children and adults. They are happy to meet with you and your child to answer all of your questions. To schedule a consultation and learn more about ear surgery options, contact Dr. Caniglia online or call (480) 483-6200.

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