Find Clearer Vision with the Help of Dr. Caniglia in Scottsdale

Find Clearer Vision with the Help of Dr. Caniglia in Scottsdale

Patients seeking eyelid surgery in Scottsdale are often looking to tighten and remove sagging eyelid skin for aesthetic reasons. Droopy eyelids rob individuals of their youthful appearance, making them look tired and much older.

Over time skin around the eyes stretches, muscles weaken, and bulging fat pockets become more prominent. This is an inherited part of the aging process for many people, making it likely for children to inherit this trait from their parents.

What is blepharoplasty in Scottsdale?

modelCosmetically, drooping eyelids may draw away from the attractiveness of your eyes and face causing you to feel self-conscious and unhappy with your reflection. Blepharoplasty, also known as an eye lift, can rid you of excess skin, loose muscle, and fat in the upper or lower eyelids.

Dr. Ronald Caniglia performs eyelid surgery at his Scottsdale practice to correct sagging eyelid skin, weakened muscle, and excess fat pads, that develop over the course of aging. Blepharoplasty can improve wrinkled eyelid skin, however, additional procedures like laser resurfacing may be necessary.

How is blepharoplasty used to improve vision?

Functional blepharoplasty is an eye lift performed for medical purposes, as opposed to cosmetic reasons. Sometimes upper eyelid skin can droop so severely, it impairs vision, making it difficult to drive or perform other daily tasks. Having saggy upper or lower lids can cause difficulty wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses.

What other medical issues can result from having droopy eyelids?

Besides hindering clear vision, skin irritation can develop from excess folds of skin constantly rubbing together. In addition, discomfort in the forehead is common from muscles that have to work overtime lifting the droopy skin in the eyelid region.

When is eyelid surgery typically performed?

One of the first signs of aging is on the eyelids. These changes typically become visible sooner than on the lower region of the face. For this reason, eye lifts are typically performed on younger patients, starting as early as in their 30s. Once the desired look is achieved, the surgery usually does not need to be repeated.

Who are the best candidates for eyelid surgery in Scottsdale?

Anyone who has excessive drooping and sagging eyelid skin caused by aging may be considered a good candidate for blepharoplasty. Sometimes this condition can be exaggerated due to other medical conditions such as allergies or edema.

Dr CanigliaAlso, the eyebrows need to be evaluated along with the eyelids before surgery can be performed. It may be determined that a brow or forehead lift is actually what is required instead of upper eyelid surgery. Oftentimes, both procedures are executed at the same time to produce the best results.

If you are seeking blepharoplasty solely to enhance your appearance, Dr. Caniglia will advise you to keep realistic expectations. To find out more about how eye lift surgery can improve your life both cosmetically and functionally in Scottsdale, contact Dr. Ronald Caniglia in Scottsdale at Caniglia Facial Plastic Surgery online or call (480) 483-6200 today.

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