Get Back Your Youthful Reflection with Facelift Surgery in Scottsdale

Get Back Your Youthful Reflection with Facelift Surgery in Scottsdale

As some people start to show their age, they begin to feel that their faces do not reflect their youthful spirit. It seems like it happens overnight. One day you look in the mirror and you don’t recognize the reflection. Time, gravity, and the sun’s rays have taken a toll and the result is sagging, wrinkled skin. If your face is showing signs of aging and you still have skin elasticity, you may be a good candidate for a traditional facelift.

What are the benefits of facelift surgery?

treatment2A facelift can restore your youthful appearance in just one surgery. The results can last for more than a decade, making you appear up to 15 years younger. This procedure can re-sculpt your face, neck and jawline far better than any other cosmetic treatment. A facelift is the most comprehensive approach to eliminating the effects of facial aging.

This popular treatment method varies from minimally invasive to more extensive surgery. Excess, sagging skin is removed, underlying muscle and other tissues are tightened, and skin is re-draped across the face and neck. Middle face sagging, jowls, marionette lines, and double chins can be corrected. Facelift surgery is the no-nonsense approach to skin restoration. Dr. Ronald Caniglia suggests a traditional facelift as the best way to achieve a smooth, youthful-looking complexion with long-lasting results. Scottsdale patients have received safe and successful facelift surgeries for many years.

Who are the best candidates for a facelift in Scottsdale?

Each year thousands of people undergo successful facelift procedures with favorable results. Generally, men and woman in their mid-forties to early fifties make up the largest demographic. However, successful facelifts can still be performed on seekers who are in their eighties or younger who have maintained good health. For optimum results, the best candidates for facelift surgery in Scottsdale have good skin tone, as well as h2 chin and bone structures. Pronounced, high cheek bones are also a plus. The individual should still have some midface fullness, a deep cervicomental angle (defined neck) and shallow cheek grooves. Patients who lack h2 features and have lost good skin tone may have the option of undergoing additional treatments along with the facelift surgery.

What happens during surgery and recovery?

Usually facelifts are outpatient procedures that can be completed in up to two hours. More time is necessary if additional surgeries, such as a brow lift and eyelid contouring are combined with the facelift procedure.

Facelift surgery involves intravenous sedation, incisions, tightening and suturing. Modern methods produce a much shorter recovery time. A natural tissue glue is used and most sutures will eventually dissolve. Surgical clips that are placed in the hairline are removed after seven days. Some patients get back to their daily routine in as early as one week, but most return to normal activity within two weeks. Dr. Canigilia recommends that patients refrain from working out for the first two weeks.

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