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Many individuals are born with ears that protrude or are out of proportion with the rest of their facial features. Physical abnormalities, like atypical ears, may seem harmless; however, they could have a negative psychological impact on a person. Young children in particular may be emotionally distraught from others teasing or staring if their ears are too large, misshaped, or uneven. Fortunately, Dr. Ronald Caniglia of Caniglia Facial Plastic Surgery performs cosmetic ear surgery, also known as otoplasty or ear pinning, for Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona patients.

With the help of a skilled plastic surgeon, the ears can be reshaped and sized to fit the facial structure impeccably. Dr. Caniglia and his warm, friendly team will make you or your child feel calm and comfortable throughout the entire process. Within our state-of-the-art, deluxe facility, patients can achieve a look that boosts their confidence and enhances their overall quality of life. To learn more about cosmetic ear surgery, contact our Scottsdale practice today.

Ear Surgery Procedure

The cosmetic ear surgery procedure varies from patient to patient depending on individual needs; however, it generally lasts approximately two hours and is performed in the following manner:

  • Patients are given general anesthesia so they can sleep peacefully during the procedure.
  • An incision is made behind the ear in an inconspicuous location, so there is no visible scarring.
  • The ear cartilage is shaped or removed.
  • If necessary, permanent sutures may be used to keep the ears in their new form or position.
  • Sutures are used to close the incisions.
  • The head is wrapped with bandages to wear while healing.

Dr. Caniglia will inform you of proper aftercare instructions, such as taking prescribed medication, keeping the head elevated, and keeping the ears cool. Patients should be able to return to school or work after approximately one week. Full recovery may take as long as six weeks, depending on the patient.

Candidates for Ear Surgery

Dr. Caniglia will determine whether you are a good candidate for ear surgery during your initial consultation. The best candidates include individuals who:

  • Are over the age of six years old (after the ears have finished developing)
  • Are in good physical and mental health
  • Have realistic expectations of the procedure
  • Are well-informed about the details of the procedure
  • Can commit the time and energy to a proper recovery
  • Want to feel more confident and pleased with their appearance

The surgery can correct ears that:

  • Are disproportionate to other facial features
  • Protrude too far from the head
  • Are too large
  • Are asymmetrical
  • Are misshaped or structurally damaged (perhaps because of trauma)

While the procedure is often performed on young people, it is advised that the child elects to have the procedure done and is part of the decision-making process.

Benefits of Ear Surgery

There are many benefits to having otoplasty surgery, including:

  • Can be performed on both children and adults
  • Boosts self-confidence and helps you feel good about your appearance
  • Helps children avoid being teased or stared at by others
  • Safe, common procedure
  • Permanent results
  • Children can develop properly, without psychological damage of taunting by others
  • Can be combined with other procedures, such as rhinoplasty
  • Enhances harmony among facial features

Risks or Side Effects of Ear Surgery

As all surgeries do, otoplasty carries the slight risk of complications, such as infection or blood clots. Dr. Caniglia will discuss all potential complications with you prior to moving forward. Additionally, it is important that you disclose your medical history, including any existing conditions or medications you are taking, to prevent serious problems from occurring.

Patients generally experience some pain, swelling, and bruising immediately after the surgery; however, symptoms should subside after several days and can be alleviated with prescribed pain medication.

Learn More about Ear Surgery

At Caniglia Plastic Surgery, you are sure to feel satisfied with your choice to move forward with treatment, as you will be in the best hands possible. To learn more about cosmetic ear surgery, contact our Scottsdale practice today.

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