The Caniglia Medical Spa is a full service spa, with 3 estheticians. Procedures include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, IPL treatments, and LED treatments for healing after surgery. The spa offers the Caniglia MD skin care line among others. It is a one-stop-shop for skin care. The spa is soothing and comforting.

DR. CANIGLIA: The Caniglia M.D. Spa is a full service medical spa. I have three estheticians over there that work full-time. We do all types of chemical peels over there to treat the skin, we do a lot of microderm abrasions to treat the skin, and we do a lot of light treatments, what we call intense pulse light photo facial treatments to treat the neck. We also treat the chest with it, back of the hands. We have other light LED treatments to help patients heal after surgery, plus we offer many skincare lines, in particular the Caniglia M.D. skincare line we offer, but we also carry a few others. So it's a one stop shop for patients to go. The estheticians over there are completely knowledgeable in all types of skin care. It is very nice, sometimes I wish I had time to go sit over there and just relax. It's very comforting, it's very suiting, the colors are great, the smells over there, because of some of the peels they use in the skincare products, is wonderful. So it's a very relaxing spa and I, myself, go over there once in a while. You can get facials and it's my hour to just lay there and relax. It's a great experience and patients love it.