Dr. Caniglia developed a skin care line that caters to the various types of skin. The products have had great success and have been nationally recognized. Patients are given a complimentary skin care kit to keep skin fresh and healthy.

DR. CANIGLIA: Years ago I set out to develop a customized skincare line that, in my opinion, would be tops in the market and it took years actually to develop, and we came up with a product line that actually is customized to the individual types of skin; whether it's dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, post-laser skin, post-surgery skin. So we have products that will deal with all different skin types. We've had great success with it. All my patients, I give them a complimentary skin care kit that they can get started on. Many of them stay on it afterwards because they love it so much. We've also been recognized in the Academy Awards two years in a row. We're the exclusive skin care line, and we're at the awards, at the banquets, and presenting our products or give gifts to many of the actors and actresses. We were also the exclusive line at the Sundance Film Festival a few years ago as well. So it's shared some national exposure and we've had great, great success with it. Skin care is extremely important, in my opinion, to the overall outcome of the surgery. I think it's very, very important to have healthy skin before surgery, and that's why I send all of my patients over to the spa to be evaluated and get them on some good products. And then equally, if not more important, after surgery, to maintain the healthy skin. Because the skin is a living structure, it's going to change. So you have to maintain its health, and we have a lot of different products that we can assist patients with to keep their skin looking as fresh, and young, and youthful as possible.