A face lift addresses the lower part of the face, including the jowls and neck area. The key to surgery is knowing where to put incisions and not cutting corners. Dr. Caniglia invented the fad-free face lift. He avoids doing what is trendy and only performs traditional face lifts that offer proven successful results. The ideal face lift patient is in their mid to late 40s and 50s, when the skin in the lower face is loose. Many patients experience instant gratification after undergoing face lift surgery performed by Dr. Caniglia.

DR. CANIGLIA: A face lift is a procedure that actually addresses the lower part of the face. You know, a lot of patients can confuse it with a full face lift, means you're doing the eyes and the forehead and everything, but in reality, if you look in the medical text book, a face lift only addresses the jowls and the neck area. The key to face lift surgery is obviously knowing where to put the incisions. You can't cut corners, and unfortunately in today's market, you know, that's what they market are these short-scar face lifts. The problem with those is the results certainly don’t live up to where the patients want. I always tells patients, you know, never do what's trendy, stay away from fads, and that's how I came up with the fad-free face lift. Basically stay away from those things, again, do what's what proven, what's effective, what works. Because if you do, you know, your results are going to last and you're going to have good results. It's often those trendy procedures where you can end up wrong. The average patient for a face lift is typically mid to late forties, early fifties, is when the face lift patients start to see loosening in the lower face. Obviously I do them all the way up–my oldest patients are 87. So pretty much you can have one at any age, and I always tell my patients, they say am I ready? You know, I'll sit them in front of a mirror and say you know, here's about what you can expect. If this movement's enough, then perhaps you want to do it. If not, then wait until it loosens more. You know, the other thing I tell them is address it when it bothers you, you know? I mean, maybe I see it and you don’t, and if it doesn’t bother you then wait until it bothers you. Face lift takes approximately, in my hands, about an hour and a half to two hours to perform. Most patients are out and about after seven days, seven to ten days. It really just depends how discreet they want to be. Ultimately it may take a few months to completely heal. A face lift is like a very gratifying, you do see the results immediately, which is nice. And with the way I do the procedure, and some of the products I use, I mean, they look great even after a week. So it's a very instant gratification.