A forehead lift rejuvenates the aging brow. As we age, brows become heavy. The procedure does not treat wrinkles, but it elevates the brows for a more youthful appearance. Dr. Caniglia discusses different approaches to performing brow lift surgery, including the endoscopic brow lift.

DR. CANIGLIA: Forehead lift is a procedure that is done to rejuvenate the aging brow. What I mean by that is as we get older, our brows settle, and they get heavy, and then they make the upper eyes look heavy. So it's really not done for wrinkles. A lot of patients think it's done for the wrinkles on the forehead. It's not, it's done to elevate the brows and what it says, brow lift. There's multiple different approaches to elevate the brows. I prefer what's called the endoscopic forehead lift, unless the hairline doesn't tolerate that. But the beauty of the endoscopic approach over the old approach is it's done through very tiny incisions that the patients will have a hard time even finding, that are hidden in the hairline, that I don’t have to excise any hair, does not move the hairline like the old approach used to move the hairline back, which would give you a taller forehead. This preserves the height of the forehead. It's a very natural approach, minimal bruising. It's all done internally, and I use the laser in the inside to do all my work. The beauty of using the laser is it's a very precise tool that allows me to cut into these tissue with very minimal bleeding, which equates to very minimal bruising. Typical patients for forehead lifts really start in about the 30s-40s. It's similar to the eyes in that it will show aging changes sooner than the lower face. We perform that procedure however all the way up into the 80s. Forehead lift surgery takes approximately about 45 minutes, so it's a relatively quick procedure. Patients go home that day. Most of them are out definitely after a week. I even tell them the first week, if they want to go out and about a little bit, that's alright, just not to overdo it that first week.