Laser resurfacing treats wrinkles and brown spots on the face. It uses light and therefore does not burn the skin. It is very precise, and requires extensive knowledge to use it. Lasers are safe and effective and used on almost every patient. Healing time may be longer than most surgeries, however, lasers provide dramatic results.

DR. CANIGLIA: A laser resurfacing in my opinion, is one of the gold standards for treating wrinkles, brown spots in the face. It's just a different way of basically peeling the skin. We've always had chemical peels, for many, many, many years, which is an acid which burns the skin. A laser uses light. It's a very, very precise tool, but it also takes extreme knowledge on how to use it. You know, you have to know the right settings. Most of these new lasers have computer programs on them which make them much safer than the lasers in the past, but I love the lasers. I use them on nearly every patient that I operate on. Some of the most dramatic results we see in all the procedures we perform are from lasers. It's a remarkable tool. When you look at someone who has 60-70 years of aging on their skin, you know, and one hour procedure you can remove wrinkles, brown spots, and they really have skin that looks like they're 20-30 years old again. So it's a remarkable tool. Takes a little more healing than the average surgery, and we prepare patients for that. The key is taking care of it afterwards and we follow along with that. I actually developed a lubricating ointment to care for the laser skin, about 15 years ago, and it really helps them heal much quicker than other things on the market.