Dr. Caniglia is committed to providing natural results for patients and is well-versed on the delicate nature of the face and aging process. He is a family man and has also been described as personable and easy-going. Patients don’t ever feel pressured to have surgery. Dr. Caniglia is very honest and informative, and only recommends treatments that are right for the patient.

DR. LORRE SOLBERG: Dr. Caniglia is a wonderful man. He's a wonderful father. He's a great boss. He's down to earth and personable. He's a person, he's a relator. NICHOL EITING: He's very easy going so when people come in, they don’t feel pressure to have surgery. He will take a look at them, he'll give them his honest opinion and say this is what we can do for you. But I don’t think patients ever feel pressured. He's very honest about what he can and cannot do. EILEEN: What I like most about Dr. Caniglia is that he is very genuine. He is not pushy. He's extremely informative as to what he thinks you should do, doesn’t over do anything. He's just a wonderful doctor. I had gone for three other consultations before I had come to Dr. Caniglia. I wanted to go to somebody that strictly did faces. I had seen a few other people that he had done and was very impressed by his work. DR. CANIGLIA: What really makes a surgeon talented is a surgeon that does have an artistic flair, that does understand the aging process of the face, that has a sense of beauty and aesthetics and minds and proportion, and you know, that's, some of that's a gift you're born with and some of that you learn. When you're done with surgery, I want people to look at you and make a comment like wow you look great, or did you change your hair, or did you lose weight? I don’t want them to look and say oh, you had a face lift or you had your eyes done, because to me that defeats the purpose.