Hear Eileen’s testimonial about Dr. Caniglia and Caniglia Facial Plastic Surgery.

EILEEN: My name is Eileen Miller, and I came to Dr. Caniglia because I was getting a few years older, and wanted to look refreshed, and I had a full facelift, brow lift, I had my eyes done, and CO2 resurfacing laser. What I like most about Dr. Caniglia is that he is very genuine, he is not pushy, he's extremely informative as to what he thinks you should do, doesn't over do anything. He's just a wonderful doctor. I had gone for three other consultations before I had come to Dr. Caniglia. I wanted to go to somebody that strictly did faces. I had seen a few other people that he had done and was very impressed by his work. I'm 61 now, and when I was a few years younger, I decided that I wanted to not look 30, but I wanted to look refreshed and feel better about myself. So I came to Dr. Caniglia and originally it was the jaw line and my neck that I was interested in, then I thought if I'm going to do that, I might as well just do everything all at once and I'm very pleased with the outcome of it. When I looked at my before pictures and I see through the jaw line and through the neck, I could tell that was what was really bothering the most about looking older. I think the ages processing, comes to all of us obviously but I think that I noticed that part more than anything else. It did drive me crazy as far as my neck more so than the jaw. We all tend to stand there and pull up and this, you see, this is pulling up, it's also pulling up on the jaw, and I just thought that would help me to look younger.