Popular Male Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

Popular Male Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

Popular Male Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

Some people have the idea that it is only women who care about their appearance. At Dr. Ronald Caniglia’s Scottsdale plastic surgery practice, we know that is not the case. Many of our Scottsdale patients are seeking male plastic surgery procedures to improve their appearance and erase the signs of aging. Many men are looking to improve the appearance of their face, in particular. Dr. Caniglia performs many popular male plastic surgery procedures, including, facelift, rhinoplasty, forehead lift, and chin implant.


For our male patients in Scottsdale, facelift surgery can be performed when men are concerned with wrinkles, fine lines, or excess skin on the face. During facelift surgery, Dr. Caniglia is able to lift sagging muscles, remove excess fat, and contour the cheeks and jowls. Dr. Caniglia uses Tisseel, natural tissue glue before he closes the facelift incision. This gives our patients a faster recovery time and eliminates the need for drains or compression garments. Our male patients are happy to see results that leave them looking refreshed, without majorly altering their appearance.


One area of concern for many of our male patients is the nose. During a rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Caniglia will make an incision that is hidden inside the nose. If Dr. Caniglia uses a closed approach for surgery, this is the only incision that will be made. If he chooses an open approach, an extra incision will be made at the base of the nose. In either case, Dr. Caniglia will use this incision to alter the appearance of the nose to each patient’s specifications. This may include lifting the nose tip, reshaping the nostrils, reshaping the cartilage at the tip of the nose, or lowering the bridge.

Forehead Lift

The forehead is a common area of the face to show signs of aging. Deep creases and wrinkles may develop as a result of facial movement and exposure to wind and sun. Dr. Caniglia often chooses to use the endoscopic approach for forehead lift surgery. With this approach, Dr. Caniglia makes a series of small incisions along the hairline. Through these incisions Dr. Caniglia can lift the skin and manipulate the muscles. With forehead lift surgery, Dr. Caniglia can lift the eyebrows.

Chin Implant

One concern for our male patients is the lack of a strong jaw line. With chin implants, Dr. Caniglia can give his male patients the masculine appearance they desire. The incision for a chin implant can be made either inside the mouth by the lower lip or in the crease beneath the chin. Through this incision, Dr. Caniglia can lift the lining over the bone to create a pocket where the implant will be stitched into place. When Dr. Caniglia is happy with the placement, the incision will be closed. Chin implant surgery is very low risk and offers high rewards.

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