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Chin Implant

Chin Implant

If you look at your profile and draw a line down from your lower lip, your chin should meet this line. In many cases, the chin falls short of this line, resulting in a weak profile. Furthermore, the nose can appear to protrude too much when looking at a profile with a weak chin. If you are unsatisfied with an insufficient chin, Dr. Ronald Caniglia of Facial Plastic Surgery has a solution. Chin implant surgery is offered at our Scottsdale, Arizona practice, to give patients a beautifully contoured face.On either side of the chin is an area referred to as the prejowl depression.

The significance of this prejowl depression is that it can make one appear to have excessive sagging of the check tissues. A properly shaped and sized chin implant can significantly improve the overall balance of the face. To learn more about chin implant surgery, contact our Scottsdale practice today.

Candidates for Chin Implant Surgery

Chin implant surgery can safely be performed on all ages, though it is best suited for individuals with deficient projection of the chin on profile or those with a significant prejowl depression.

Chin Implant Placement Procedure

Most chin implant surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis and take between 30 minutes and an hour to complete. Dr. Caniglia performs all chin implant procedures under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation, also known as deep twilight sleep. Deep twilight sleep has many benefits over other forms of anesthesia as it allows the patient to be free of discomfort and remember nothing from surgery. In addition, patients feel alert and refreshed after surgery. All patients are closely monitored before, during, and after surgery by a board-certified anesthesiologist.

There are two possible incision locations for chin or prejowl implants: one is inside the mouth or lower lip, while the other placement is hidden within the crease underneath the chin (submental crease). Dr. Caniglia often prefers the second incision location as it allows the implant to be placed more precisely with less incidence of injury to the mental nerve, which provides sensation to the lower lip area. For the surgery:

  • The shape of the chin implant is determined, for instance a conventional chin implant, extended anatomical chin implant, chin-prejowl implant, or prejowl implant.
  • After adequate local and intravenous sedation are administered, an incision is made in the submental crease.
  • Using a special instrument, the lining overlying the bone of the chin is elevated and a pocket just large enough for the implant is created.
  • The permanent implant is soaked in antibiotic solution before being placed within the pocket over the bone of the chin.
  • The implant is secured internally with sutures and the incision is then closed.

Chin Implant Surgery Recovery

Most patients feel very good, with little to no discomfort, on the day after their chin implant procedure. The chin may feel a little stiff or numb early on after surgery but this quickly resolves. The sutures will dissolve and won’t need to be removed. By about two to three months after surgery, the implant will not be palpable and the chin should feel just like it did before the surgery.

Some patients are able to return to work as early as a few days after surgery, while most if not all patients are back to work within seven days. Heavy strenuous activity and exercise is best postponed for two weeks.

Risks of Chin Implant Surgery

There are very few risks associated with chin implant surgery but these may include bleeding, infection, numbness, extrusion, or asymmetry.

Learn More about Chin Implant Surgery

Do you feel like your chin is lacking, making your facial appearance seem unbalanced? If so, chin implants are an excellent way to correct this cosmetic issue. To learn more about chin implant surgery, or to schedule a consultation, contact our Scottsdale practice today.

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