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Rhinoplasty Scottsdale


If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose, you are not alone. Many individuals feel that modifying their nasal structure would enhance their overall beauty. Fortunately, Dr. Ronald Caniglia performs rhinoplasty surgery, also known as a “nose job,” to help Scottsdale, Arizona patients achieve more balanced facial features. Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure designed to alter the size, shape, angles, or proportions of the nose. To learn more about rhinoplasty, contact our Scottsdale plastic surgery practice today.

Rhinoplasty Candidates

Rhinoplasty can safely be performed on men and women beginning in their early to late teens and throughout life. The best candidates are those with good motivations and realistic expectations.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

Most rhinoplasty surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, with the typical surgery taking between one and two hours to complete. Surgical times will be longer for extensive reconstructive rhinoplasties if multiple grafts are needed.

Dr. Caniglia performs all of his rhinoplasty procedures under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation (deep twilight sleep), meaning the patient feels no discomfort and remembers nothing from surgery. Furthermore, patients feel alert and refreshed following the procedure. All patients are monitored by a board-certified anesthesiologist who is present before, during, and after surgery.

There are two approaches to rhinoplasty surgery: the closed approach and the open approach. Both approaches utilize incisions hidden inside of the nose. The only difference between the two is that with the open approach, there is an additional small inverted “V” incision hidden at the base of the nose. This external incision is of negligible importance as the scar is nearly imperceptible. The procedure goes as follows:

  • Working through incisions hidden for the most part on the inside the nose, the skin overlying the nasal tip and dorsum (hump) is elevated.
  • The tip cartilages are reshaped, thereby reducing or enlarging the size of the tip. The tip can also be turned up or down depending on whether the nose needs to be shortened or lengthened.
  • The shape of the nostrils is also addressed, either narrowing or reducing the flare as needed.
  • Next, the bridge of the nose is often lowered. In some cases, however, it will need to be raised up.
  • The width of the bridge is also evaluated and narrowed if necessary through controlled incisions in the nasal bones, performed on the inside of the nose.
  • Once the tip and bridge of the nose are in good aesthetic harmony, the incisions are closed with tiny sutures and a thin splint is applied externally to the nose. In most cases, internal packing isn’t necessary, making recovery virtually painless.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

There is typically very little discomfort following rhinoplasty surgery, especially when internal packing is avoided. With a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon, like Dr. Caniglia, and proper surgical technique, bruising is kept to a minimum. Many of the stitches will dissolve on their own; however, some may require removal after seven days. The external splint is also removed on postoperative day seven and many patients return to work once the splint is removed. Dr. Caniglia recommends that his patients wait two weeks before resuming heavy strenuous activity or exercise.

Risks of Rhinoplasty

Though very rare, potential complications associated with rhinoplasty may include bleeding, infection, asymmetry, and breathing difficulties. If a secondary procedure is necessary to refine the results, it is best to wait a minimum of one year from the first surgery date. Selecting a qualified and experienced facial plastic surgeon can help ensure the best possible rhinoplasty result while minimizing risk.

Learn More about Rhinoplasty

If you are considering rhinoplasty, it is important that you find a plastic surgeon that is experienced and skilled. Dr. Caniglia can provide patients with beautiful results, enhancing their facial appearance, as well as self confidence. To learn more about rhinoplasty, contact our Scottsdale plastic surgery center today.

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