Viviscal Professional Hair Growth

Thinning hair is a common sign of aging. While men often lose hair in patches, becoming completely bald in certain areas (for example, on top of the head), women more commonly experience a general thinning, with hair becoming thin all over. Surgical hair replacement is a good option for those with patches of lost hair, but won’t work as well for hair that’s thin everywhere.

Your body can’t grow beautiful, healthy hair if it doesn’t have the right nutrients. When you’re missing a key nutrient, you may experience breakage or excessive hair shedding, leading to thin hair. With so many vitamins, minerals, and amino acids needed for optimal hair health, it’s hard to ensure that you’re getting what your hair needs solely through diet.

Viviscal Professional Hair Growth formula contains the nutrients your hair needs to grow thick, healthy, and strong. Using the latest scientific research, Viviscal has formulated this product to contain all of the nutrients that affect hair growth. Extracts of shark cartilage and oysters help to ensure you’re getting the correct blend of amino acids. Extracts of acerola cherry and apple provide vitamins and minerals. Other key nutrients, including biotin, calcium, vitamin C, and amino acids (L-cystine and L-methionine), ensure that your hair has everything it needs. Celebs swear by this product – and, more importantly, so do experts. If you’re experiencing thinning hair, Viviscal Professional Hair Growth could be just the answer you’ve been searching for.

To help keep your hair looking shiny and beautiful, Mema pure argan oil is an excellent all-natural product that many women swear by.

Lerosett Mask

For acne-prone skin, it’s crucial to thoroughly remove dirt, oil, and other impurities, because these can clog pores and serve as “seeds” for new pimples. Cleansers, even good ones, may not always be able to get everything off the skin.

The Lerosett mask, developed by Swedish company Gunilla, can help to cleanse skin more deeply. This clay mask is applied at night, and left on until it dries completely (about 15 minutes). The clay absorbs oils, dirt, and other potential clogs from the skin, stopping pimples before they start. When the mask is washed away (preferably using a gentle, oil-free cleanser), the skin is left cleansed of potential acne-causing agents. It’s recommended that you use the mask every night for the first few weeks; you may be able to decrease the frequency of use as your skin clears up. If you’ve got stubborn acne, the Lerosett mask may be your answer.

If you’re looking for a great cleanser, we carry several, including the Caniglia MD Skincare Pure Bliss Wash, SkinMedica’s AHA Cleanser, Epionce’s Milky Lotion Cleanser, and more. If you’re not sure which to choose, ask Dr. Caniglia which cleanser would be right for your skin’s needs.

What LEROSETT® does.
LEROSETT® Clay Treatment can fight the two main causes of a pimple at the same time: the clog that backs up oil in the pore and the amount of oil within the pore. While reducing the clogs and oil production, LEROSETT® quickly removes pimples, prevents future blemishes and minimizes the redness and swelling associated with pimples while preventing scarring.
The longer you use LEROSETT® the smoother, clearer and healthier your skin can be.
Viviscal Professional Hair Growth:
Viviscal Professional dietary supplements are scientifically formulated with the ground-breaking, exclusive marine complex AminoMar®, which helps to nourish thinning hair from within and promote existing hair growth. Along with AminoMar, Viviscal Professional hair growth supplements also contain key nutrients essential for healthy hair growth, including Biotin, Apple Extract and Vitamin C.* Viviscal Professional is suitable for women and men of all hair types.*

Mema Oil

Argan oil is legendary for its ability to add control and shine to frizzy, dry, or coarse hair. This natural product from the argan fruit was first used in Morocco, where many local women use it to control their luxuriant curls, but argan oil is now famous around the world. It contains essential fatty acids and high levels of vitamin E, and can be used to improve the health of hair, skin, and nails.

Mema Argan Oil is a high-quality 100% pure argan oil grown in the heart of Morocco. When you use this oil on your hair, you can expect an increase in hydration and shine, and improvement in texture. Because it’s more hydrated, hair will appear thicker and healthier. Hair grows better when it’s heatlhy, so when you improve your hair’s health with Mema oil, it may also grow faster. Mema oil can also be used on the skin, to improve hydration and maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier. It will also improve the skin’s texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve redness, and help to protect your skin from environmental damage. Mema oil absorbs quickly, so it won’t make your skin feel greasy. Dry or brittle nails can also be treated with Mema oil. This versatile, all-natural product can be helpful in so many ways.

To improve your hair’s health, many people swear by Viviscal Professional Hair Growth, a supplement that provides all the nutrients necessary for healthy hair. For dry facial skin, consider Ultra Hyaluronic Intense Moisturizer or BioCream Riche.

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