Restore a Child’s Confidence With Otoplasty in Scottsdale

Restore a Child’s Confidence With Otoplasty in Scottsdale

earOtoplasty, also known as ear pinning, is a popular cosmetic surgery used to alter the appearance of the ears. Many patients are unhappy with the size, shape, or overall placement of their ears. Protruding or disproportionate large ears are not an uncommon facial feature that can be a great source of embarrassment, particularly for children who suffer from excessive teasing.

What is otoplasty in Scottsdale?

The ear pinning procedure is different for each individual patient. However, it typically takes Dr. Ronald Caniglia about one hour to complete the surgery. After the patient is resting peacefully under IV sedation, MAC, an incision is made behind the ear to minimize visible scarring. Through the incision, cartilage is either removed or reshaped. Permanent sutures may be placed to maintain the new position or form of the ears. When the desired look is achieved, the incisions are sutured closed. The patient’s head is then wrapped with bandages which are worn overnight only.

Dr. Caniglia will provide post-surgery care instructions that may include taking prescription medication. Patients typically resume normal activities after one week following otoplasty. Complete recovery can take up to six full weeks, depending on the situation.

What types of ear problems can otoplasty correct?

Otoplasty in Scottsdale can fix the following ears concerns:

  • Ears are disproportionate to other surrounding features
  • Protruding ears
  • Excessively large
  • Asymmetrical
  • Misshapen or damaged

Otoplasty is typically performed on children because their ears are more malleable. However, it is important that the young person is part of the decision-making process, and not forced to undergo surgery.

Am I a good candidate for otoplasty?

Anyone who wants to feel more confident and pleased with the appearance of their ears may inquire about ear pinning. Dr. Caniglia will examine you and evaluate whether you are a good candidate for otoplasty in Scottsdale during your initial consultation. Ideal candidates have fully developed ears, are in good physical and mental health, understand what the procedure entails, and can commit the necessary time for a proper recovery.

How can otoplasty in Scottsdale boost a patient’s confidence?

From a very early age, while young bodies are in the process of developing, some kids are said to be “growing into their bodies.” Some parts appear out of proportion, maybe a bit too large. For those children who haven’t grown into their ears, they may be forced to endure regular bullying. This can take a quite a toll on a child making them feel uncomfortable within their own skin. This embarrassment and self-loathing can carry on to adulthood.

drcanigliaDr. Caniglia and his Caniglia Facial Plastic Surgery team in Scottsdale will do everything they can to help ear surgery patients regain their confidence so they can feel comfortable in their skin, or their growing bodies, and just be happy with their appearance.

If you or someone you know has large or misshapen ears and want to learn more about otoplasty in Scottsdale, contact Dr. Ronald Caniglia at Caniglia Facial Plastic Surgery online or at (480) 483-6200.

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