Restore your Armor – Laser Skin Resurfacing in Scottsdale

Restore your Armor – Laser Skin Resurfacing in Scottsdale

happy-womanOur largest organ covers the exterior of our bodies to provide the first line of defense. Like the outer shell protects an egg, our skin is our protective armor. It acts as a filter and a shield safeguarding our anatomy from the damaging rays of the sun, harsh temperatures, bacteria, and much more. All of this work and exposure takes a toll on our skin over time. As we get older this damage becomes more visible in the form of lines and discolorations. Cosmetics may help to cover up problem areas but this is only short term. Dr. Ronald Caniglia delivers longer-term results with laser skin resurfacing.

What is laser skin resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing in Scottsdale involves the removal of impaired skin to stimulate collagen production and expose new, smoother skin. Dr. Ronald Caniglia uses the laser to basically vaporize the unwanted damaged areas. Following the procedure, healing will continue for up to two weeks. During this recovery time you will gradually begin to see newer, more vibrant, younger-looking skin.

Who is a good candidate for laser skin resurfacing?

Healthy individuals of any age, free of any questionable skin ailments, may receive laser skin resurfacing. Candidates with fair complexions may gain better results than darker skinned patients because their damaged areas are more visible to the laser. However, individuals with darker skin can still gain positive results from laser skin resurfacing in Scottsdale. Candidates with a history of recurring skin problems like rosacea or psoriasis should discuss this with Dr. Caniglia during their initial consultation to avoid healing issues.

What happens during the procedure?

Laser skin resurfacing is generally an outpatient procedure that can be completed in less than an hour. Local and/or intravenous anesthesia is administered, depending on the amount of resurfacing that is required. Shields are placed on the eyes to protect them from laser damage. Dr. Caniglia is then able to execute the laser skin resurfacing procedure followed by the application of a lubricating ointment to the corrected areas. Finally, patients are transferred to the recovery area for about 45 minutes of observation before release. A Caniglia Facial Plastic Surgery staff aesthetician will conduct a post laser treatment to the affected skin.

What happens after the procedure?

Strenuous activity should be avoided for a minimum of two weeks. After that time has lapsed patients may return to work. It is suggested that patients avoid the use of facial cosmetics for about a week after lighter treatments and up to two weeks following more involved procedures. The resurfaced skin will be raw and appear pink through the healing process. It can take months to restore normal color for some patients.

drcanigliaDr. Ronald Caniglia can help bring back the younger looking skin you’ve been missing. He has performed many successful laser skin resurfacing procedures resulting in very satisfied patients. If you desire fresher, more youthful skin, contact Dr. Caniglia at Cangilia Facial Plastic Surgery either online or at (480) 483-6200.

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