BioCream 30 ml

BioCream 30 ml

BioCream is an anti-aging skin cream intended for nightly use. The secret weapon in BioCream is PSP (Processed Skin Proteins), a patented blend of proteins designed to nourish skin, created from over two decades’ worth of scientific research. PSP includes growth factors and cell communication proteins, which signal cells to grow, keeping skin looking healthy and vibrant.

With botanical extracts, including borage seed and wheat germ oils, along with a variety of other scientifically-researched ingredients, BioCream also replenishes the skin’s moisture, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improves skin tone, for smooth, healthy-looking skin. No matter your age, your skin will continue looking its best with BioCream.

For those who love this product and use it regularly, a larger size of BioCream is available. For anti-aging treatment in the delicate eye area, consider Lumiere. For spot treatment of problem areas with a highly concentrated dose of PSP, consider BioSerum.

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