BioGel 30 ml

BioGel 30 ml

BioCream, which is known for its anti-aging properties, is a moisturizing product. For many people, this is a benefit, because it plumps their dry skin and keeps it from becoming flaky or irritated. However, for those who have oily skin, a moisturizer may not be desirable. It may feel heavy or greasy. These people may want a lighter product.

BioGel was developed to be a lighter alternative to the original BioCream. The gel formulation is soothing and refreshing, with just the right amount of moisturizer. BioGel contains the flagship Neocutis ingredient PSP (Processed Skin Proteins), a patented blend of growth factors, interleukins, cytokines, and other proteins that helps to nourish skin and encourage its renewal. Botanicals and other scientifically-researched ingredients are also included, helping to keep skin bright, firm, and smooth. All of this is in a lightweight gel formulation that won’t feel heavy or greasy on your skin.

For those who love BioCream but need even more intense moisturizing, check out BioCream Riche.

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