Skin discolorations, such as sun spots and age spots, can be a major concern for many people. These dark spots appear on your skin as a result of accumulated sun exposure over many years. Sometimes, they can be hidden with makeup, but this can be time-consuming and often ineffective. If you have discolored spots on your face, you’re probably searching for a solution that will actually work to get rid of them.

Obagi’s Blender is specifically designed to solve this problem. Its active ingredient is hydroquinone, a scientifically-proven treatment that reduces the appearance of skin discolorations. This is a prescription-strength formulation, which you can only get from your licensed physician. The treatment will gradually lighten the discolorations, making them less and less apparent.

To prevent skin discolorations due to sun exposure, it’s important to use a good sunscreen, such as Healthy Skin SPF35, to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. If you’ve developed these spots on your neck and chest, don’t focus only on your face; the Decolletage System is designed to treat these areas, which are also very important to your overall appearance.

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