Decolletage System

When it comes to aging, many people spend a lot of effort on their faces. Realizing that aging will start to cause visible signs, they take a proactive approach, applying anti-aging products and having procedures (like injection of fillers) when necessary. With all of the scientific advancement that’s been made in this area, people can stay looking young for many decades.

However, despite the investment in their faces, many people forget about the skin of the neck and chest. This results in a situation where the face looks youthful, but the neck and chest are a “giveaway,” showing the person’s actual age and even making them look older than they are.

Obagi understands the need to protect all of your visible skin, not just your face. That’s why they developed the Decolletage System, a line of products that protects your neck and chest from the signs of aging.

There are two products included in the Decolletage System. The Wrinkle Reducing Lotion contains a proprietary complex of two minerals, which helps to restore the skin’s firmness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The Skin Lightening Complex has a prescription-strength hydroquinone, which acts to even the skin tone, reducing the appearance of sun spots and freckles. Together, the two products reveal skin that’s smoother, more radiant, and overall more youthful.

Caring for your neck and chest, along with your face, will help to ensure that you continue to look young for years to come. To protect your skin from further sun damage, Dr. Caniglia recommends a daily sunscreen, such as Healthy Skin SPF35. If you’re looking for a skin brightener for your face, check out Clear and Blender, also made by Obagi with prescription-strength hydroquinone.

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