Purifying Toner

Purifying Toner

A good toner is an essential part of a complete skin care routine. It can help to reduce the appearance of blemishes, and to make your skin tighter and smoother. It also removes traces of makeup, dirt, and oil that can be left behind by your cleanser.

This Purifying Toner effectively removes those unwanted substances, leaving behind clean, glowing skin. It helps to prevent irritation (which can lead to visible problems with the skin). Natural botanical extracts, including willow bark, salicylic acid, marshmallow root, and menthol, act to soothe the skin. Those with problem skin would benefit from using Purifying Toner.

If your skin is frequently irritated, and you suffer from excessive skin redness, Peche is a product that effectively reduces redness. You may also need a cleanser that’s formulated for sensitive skin, such as Milky Lotion Cleanser.

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