Sensitive Cleanser

Sensitive Cleanser

For those with sensitive skin, whether it’s naturally sensitive or you’re post-procedure, effective cleansing can be a challenge. You need a cleanser that can remove excess oil, makeup, and environmental impurities, without causing irritation or drying out your skin.

For our patients who have recently had a procedure (such as a chemical peel or laser rejuvenation) or who are naturally very sensitive, we recommend the Sensitive Skin Cleanser. It contains a variety of botanical extracts to soothe the skin, along with gentle detergent-free cleansing agents that remove harmful impurities without stripping your skin. There are no fragrances or other potential irritants. Your skin will feel refreshed and soft.

To soothe your dry or sensitive skin, choose a good moisturizer, such as Ceramide Treatment or Ultra Hyaluronic Intense Moisturizer.

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