Dr. Caniglia describes his practice, which was designed to feel more like home for his patients than an office. The facility has an onsite outpatient surgery center that is certified and gives patients the utmost in privacy. The center also has full-service medical spa, which provides aesthetic skin care treatments and carries Dr. Caniglia’s full line of medical-grade facial skin care products. The staff is committed to patients and enjoy giving them confidence.

MALE VOICE 1: The Caniglia Facial Plastic Surgery center in Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the most respected state of the art and comfortable surgery centers in the Southwest. RONALD J. CANIGLIA, MD, FACS: My center is more of a home-like feel. It's just a very peaceful, soft, comfortable center, which is wanted to kind of take anxiety out of surgery. We want people to walk in and just feel like they're at home. MALE VOICE 1: The Caniglia Center features a unique, fully accredited and private onsite outpatient surgery center that offers many advantages to patients. DR. CANIGLIA: It is a state Medicare, and also nationally certified surgery center, which is very, very important. Because what that ensures is that it meets all the standards of any outpatient hospital, which ours does. As far as the surgery center, we designed that obviously with separate entrances, in particular in back. So it's just a nice, private setting for our patients. Not only do we have fully licensed surgery center for our patients so they don’t have to go to hospitals, we also have a full medical spa to do all these pain care treatments as well. So it's really a one stop shop designed exclusively for patients seeking facial restoration. DR. CELESTE CRAFT: We do skin care that’s on the medical side of aesthetics, and that means that we have medical grade machines, chemical peels, microderm abrasion. We do makeup that's geared toward healthy skin. MALE VOICE 1: Caniglia M.D. Skincare is one of two skin care products offered in the elegant upscale spa area located just to the right of the main lobby here. The line is so highly respected, it was the featured skincare product handed out in the swag bags at the Academy Awards two years in a row. DR. CANIGLIA: We were actually at all the big parties there, giving our products out, so you know, that was a big perk for us. This was actually a customized line that I designed, along with some of my aestheticians in working with the chemist with a large lab here in town. Every product is very unique, it's not like any other product out there. But it's a complete skincare line to deal with all types of skin. MALE VOICE 1: If anyone knows what's best for the skin, or how to perform facial plastic surgery, it's Dr. Caniglia. You see, he's a double board certified facial plastic surgeon, with years and years of facial plastic surgery operating room experience. Unlike many other plastic surgeons in the area, Dr. Caniglia specializes in just facial procedures ranging from face lifts and forehead lifts, to eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, laser resurfacing and more. No matter which procedure he performs, his primary focus is always the same; that is, creating a natural, long lasting result. DR. CANIGLIA: When you're done with surgery, I want people to look at you and make a comment oh you look great, or did you change your hair or did you lose weight? I don’t want them to look at you and say oh you had a face life, or you had your eyes done. Because to me, that defeats the purpose. MALE VOICE 1: Dr. Caniglia has a compassionate staff who, for the most part, has been by his side for more than a decade. They perform proven, not trendy, surgical and non-surgical procedures. They say the work that they do on a daily basis is rewarding beyond words, and they say, can be life changing to their patients. DR. CANIGLIA: I've seen patients who are very introverted and after surgery they're just much more open, more outgoing. You see that self-confidence, and they even tell you they're more confident. They just exude confidence as they look better, they feel better. You know, a lot of our patients, and that's what's nice is they'll give me hugs, they'll give my nurses hugs, you know, and you know, that's just, that's one of the best feelings, as a surgeon, that you can have. I could not imagine doing anything else.